The word ‘Lammas’ comes from the old English language, meaning ‘loaf mass’. It is a harvest festival, a celebration of the Earth’s bounty which traditionally was held at the time of the cutting of the first corn crop. In Ireland it is known as Lughnassah, the name being derived from the old Celtic sun-God Lugh. It is one of the four ancient Pagan Celtic Fire fire festivals.

A regular summer event since 2001, The Eastbourne Lammas Festival is a friendly family oriented free festival of music, dance and entertainment held on the Western Lawns. Organised by The Eastbourne Lammas Festival Committee and run entirely by volunteers, the festival raises money for the Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI); generous festival-goers have donated over £10,500 since the festival began.

Along with the variety of music from the bands on the main stage and Morris dance displays, the highlights of the weekend are the seafront procession, the drumming, the open air ceilidh and the ritual celebration of Lammas. And when not watching the music and dance there are variety of stalls, crafts, storytelling and demonstrations on the festival site + a beer tent and food stalls to keep the festival crowd busy

We look forward to seeing you all at this year’s Festival – come as you are, or wear your most outlandish costume and join the procession along the seafront; the more the merrier!


Our grateful thanks go to excellent local photographer Graham Huntley for many of the photos we have used on this site

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Eastbourne Lammas Festival

Organised annually by ELF (Eastbourne Lammas Festival Committee) - raising money for the RNLI - the Royal National Lifeboat Institution. Since 2001 over £9,000 has been raised

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